Men’s Mind Your Culture Embroidered Two Piece Hoodie Short Set
Men’s Mind Your Culture Embroidered Two Piece Hoodie Short Set
Men’s Mind Your Culture Embroidered Two Piece Hoodie Short Set
Mind Your Culture name stamped on top left of shorts and shirt-letter colors are red, green, blue and white

Mind Your Culture LLC.

Mind Your Culture LLC, the Empowering Brand geared toward the black community, used to represent, embrace and solidify us as a culture. It is used to make us whole, and show how we recognize our own beauty, from our hair to our different shades to our lifestyles. MIND YOUR CULTURE. 

Why Choose Us?

Mind Your Culture LLC. mission is to empower you, and allow you to embrace your uniqueness, stand out and be fashionable wearing our clothing. Our merchandise is a great method to bring us closer as a culture and reflect the beauty in our melanin and versatility. Our products are locally made, because buying from locally owned businesses helps our communities grow. With Mind Your Culture LLC. newly released clothing launch we want to ensure we are growing with you and working towards bettering our brand for our customers and progressing with more products to come! So far we've received great feedback with the ooohs and ahs of how many styles can be worn of our merchandise, we also customize! Yes, thats how much we are here for you & your beauty! 

I Love this shirt! It speak volumes the quality of the shirt is A+!! I washed it and it was absolutely no SHRINKAGE!! I will be purchasing a hoodie for the fall!!

Dianna Theus

I got my outfit and I was scared it wouldn't fit cause I've been in a 2x lately but I have been losing weight. When I tell you it is very flattering, I look so good in this. I can't wait to show you some pictures. I need to get some more. I feel so beautiful and sexy!

Ladonna Kidd
Feeling Sexy and Satisfied

About Us

J. Ward


I am a locally black owned clothing business owner. I created this business to tell a story, one of many black people may have experienced within their job or within their lifetime when it comes to their hair. Something I experienced as well. I believe that tells the story itself, being an individual of my race, having big hair within a job place wasn't considered professional. So I felt it was time and necessary to send a message out into the universe.